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#2 - Who sets the rules?

How do we deliver messages in the right way? Who tells you what's right and what's wrong?

This weeks post is a little bit of a long one. Stick with me though because it all ties in together.

Most working mediums would consider me fairly new to the spiritual scene. I've gradually been building up my skills and my connection with spirit for the last three years. I'm basically the baby of the bunch, even if i am getting closer and closer to 30!

A variety of the mediums I've encountered are very encouraging and are always on hand to give you helpful hints and tips. On the other hand their are also mediums who appear to promote everything in "Love and Light" who don't always necessarily do what they preach. In my experience and opinion, some of these mediums (and i do mean only SOME! of them) try to take advantage of this fact. Trying to get you into there way of delivering messages.

I'll throw you an examples and I'd love your opinion on it in the comments...

1. During some of my readings I started receiving information in a very different way. Spirit would show me something specific to validate that I had a connection with a persons loved one. I was told by a medium that the way I was passing on the information and describing what I was seeing is wrong and I should stop. I'd always describe to the recipient how I'd been shown it and if I was fine to give them their information in the way I described. The recipient would always be fine in how I was delivering the piece of info.

What's all of this got to do with rules you might be asking.....well I shall get to that soon. Don't worry it fits in with what I want to talk about. I wouldn't be that cruel to make you read all this and not link it to the title.

I've seen a lot of ego within this field in the last three years, it's something that really annoys me so see someone who believes that they are so much better that anyone else and the world revolves around them and their services. Ego however will be a completely different post all together. Ego though plays a part in today's blog post.

So like the title says. Who determines what the rules are for delivering spiritual messages?

Many of the mediums who are around today have trained and learned their craft through the spiritualist churches. The churches have their own views on what can and cannot be said during their services. Obviously with every organisation, business, religion there are rules that must be followed and the same applies to mediumship. The clear reason being is that your delivering a information and messages to people who grasping at the chance to hear from a loved one. You're giving people advice, telling them things that could happen in the future.

That last bit is something I don't really agree with and I very rarely give messages out like that.

As well as Spiritualist Churches, you also have many Independent Spiritualist and Holistic Centres, who, in their own right, will have their very own rules on how they run things and how you can deliver your messages. I've been to many of these independent centres, some run just like a normal church , others not so much.

So what's the difference between them? Well.....

Fleet Spiritualist Church

The main Spiritualist Churches are run by the Spiritualists' National Union - The Spiritualists’ National Union is a religious charity that supports the training of spiritual healers, spirit mediums, public speakers and teachers throughout the United Kingdom, supporting Spiritualist Churches all across the United Kingdom.

The SNU is on of the main sources for developing new and upcoming mediums who today lead services within the churches, many of the well known mediums in today's world will have passed through the doors of church at some point. Not necessarily an SNU church though.

Inside Stroud Spiritualist Church

They offer many courses in 'Introduction to Spiritualism', 'Administration Courses', 'History & Teaching of Spiritualism Courses' and Healing & Mediumship Courses' all at a cost which is understandable. Those options though are for someone who would want to build themselves up to eventually start taking services within the church.

Spiritual & Holistic Centre

Independent Groups and Holistic Centres on the other hand provide many alternatives. From Reiki Healing to Massages, Tarot Readings, Hypnotherapy and more . They also work on training mediums in their own ways . These groups and centres are not regulated by any organisation in how they train up their mediums. The Independent Groups and Centres will also take more risks in what they showcase. For example churches will shy away from such divination like spirit boards or glass work, whereas groups and centres are more open to these ideas.

One of the main things that both groups have in common is their open circles. An open circle is

a way for you to sit within the energy and experience some of the most skilled mediums alongside complete novices and everyone in between giving messages and building their skills. It's a great way to start if you're looking to develop your abilities.

This is where the title of this post starts to play a factor and the reason I mentioned ego earlier on.......(are you still keeping up?)

Depending where the open circle is held, in a church or spiritual centre, will depend on the way you are taught. The medium taking the circle will also play a strong factor in what you will be taught.

Like anything, each person is an individual. We all learn in different ways and we all process and communicate in different ways. Each one of us has our own unique style, something that makes us stand out from the rest. The same applies to communicating and delivering that message from spirit.

Ethically, we all know that there are some things that we just don't vocalise to our recipients. Death is a big NO-NO. The churches have certain rules on what you can and can't say within their services and circles. From what I've witnessed and what I've heard from other mediums, everything needs to be giving in a positive way. Please if I'm wrong then let me know in the comments, I'm going from what I've seen and heard from many church mediums and former church presidents.

Some mediums will try and focus you on working how they work and try to swerve you from the way you are receiving things. Like I said in my example at the start. My way of receiving certain information didn't sit right with another medium so they quickly shut me down. My confidence for a few months took a knock. Every time I would receive information in that way I would refuse to give it, which in turn started effecting the flow of my readings and my connection with spirit. Once I began doing what I used to do the flow of my readings went back to normal.

It'll take you a while to realise how you receive your information, the goal post will change once you get comfortable, you'll be frustrated at times. Take the tips you receive from all those around you but make sure you don't remove yourself from exactly who you are.

My message to anyone starting out, on the path or even someone whose been in the field for a while. Be an individual, be yourself, don't let anyone tell you how to work! Work your own style and be the best medium you can be.

I know it was a long one and if you've made it this far then congrats.....Next Weeks will be shorter, I promise.

The Trainee Medium

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