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A Night of Terror - Underneath the depths of New Brighton Seafront

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

With a venue located within New Brighton you would expect all of their attractions to be family friendly. Yet under the depths of the seafront you will find an attraction that shows a much darker side to the happy sea front we are all used to. Terror 13 is located underneath the amusements. This former night club, formally known as "The Creep" in the 80's has now been transformed into on of the UK's most horrific and scary attractions we've ever seen. From a clown room to a gypsies caravan. What a perfect place to spend the night to do an investigation.

During our initial set up most of the group were taken around the venue to get a feel for the place and to see just how truly amazing it was. This left one of our lead investigators on their own in the base room. After being alone for a few minutes our lead investigator was distracted, hearing the sound of footsteps from the room opposite. With the rest of the team on the other side of the building and a clear view of the other room opposite, it was safe to say no one was around. When the rest of the team returned a short while after they were questioned on their whereabouts. All denying being around the area at the time of the footsteps being heard. This was an uncomfortable start to the night ahead.

With both groups splitting off into different parts of the venue the night was under way . Group One went off to an area known as the Gypsy Woman's Caravan. To our surprise we were amazed at how quickly we encountered activity. During this first session we decided to start with the spirit board (Ouija) and encountered the spirit of a young lad which we were lead to believe he was circa 1890's - 1900's. The spirit who's name we were unable to find out, had an attraction towards one of the guests involved in the ouija board session. He informed us that she had a resemblance to his former lover. He wanted to stick with her for the night to protect her and make sure she was safe. This as you can imagine came as a surprise to the guest. In a separate room. another group had communicated with a small girl who was searching for her father, although we were unable to ascertain whether her father was connected to the venue or not, the girl however had a strong presence here. This girl would make herself known to us throughout the night,

Group Two, who were based at the far end of the building where conducting their own experiments. These included a seance, calling out and a ouija board session. During their ouija board session the group could hear consistent knocking from in their surrounding area. This can not unfortunately be heard on their recording of their oiuja session, but during a break between investigations 3 team members returned to the area to investigate the knocking. This was recorded from one of our hand held cameras and you can clearly hear the knocking. All other team members and guest where accounted for in the base room of the venue. There couldn't be any noise pollution or interference with their investigation. In the video, our team try to debunk the sounds. This included them making sure that their feet were in shot of the camera and that their was no one else present at the time of the recording.

During the second half of the evening the groups investigated further into the depths of Terror 13. Group One entered into the clown room. As you can guess it was full of very creepy clowns (we don't like clowns). With 2 close friends of the team who are mediums, we began a group seance. During the seance we encountered 2 spirits. One spirit made us aware that he was a former owner or manager of the club/bar, although this spirit was not confrontational, he made us aware that he was unhappy with us being in his area. The second spirit, which had attached itself to one of our lead investigators, caused him to feel anger towards the former owner/manager. After a short while, our 2 guest mediums also had an attachment with the second spirit, all 3 victims of the spirit described their experience as being overwhelming and emotional. This was too much for one guest, who had to be taken for some fresh air and out of the area. The rest of the group decided that it was time to move on and away from the clown room (much to the delight of some, scary clowns...not good!). While the team were having a moment to relax and get their bearings, one member looked through an a joining room. The room was full of dolls, some of which hung from chains from the ceiling, to the team members surprise one of the dolls was swinging back and forth of its own accord. No other dolls in the room where moving. The room was checked for drafts and breezes or any other explanation for this doll to be moving. None of which were found. This had taken the team aback as no one had entered the room as the only way into the room was from the a joining room they were sat in. This for us as a team was one of the strangest occurrences we had encountered.

As the night drew to a close we had a final group gathering at the back of the building. We gathered together by a set of locked doors which lead to the bar area of the old nightclub which had yet to be renovated. We were made aware by the current owner of an incident which had occurred during a performance by a band where the lead singer had died onstage while performing a particular song. We decided we would play the song in which the singer performed when he died. To our delight and joy as the song played we could hear repeated rhythmic tapping from the set of locked doors. Although this was not captured on video, we can guarantee that no member of the team or any guest was near the doors at the time of the tapping.

In summary, we found that Terror 13, although internally the decor alone will frighten you, we found that this location is hands down one of the most active places that we have been too in 2016. This location has become a favourite among the team and we plan in 2017 to go back down to Terror 13 and continue the search for what really lies underneath New Brighton Seafront.

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