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Respect - How do you approach a spirit?

With the stories and recordings of various phenomena happening all over the world, whether that be a spirit who loves to hear one of their favourite songs being played one more time to a spirit that likes to dominate a place they once controlled. When it comes to showing respect to these spirits where do you draw the line.

So many locations that are investigated in today's paranormal community consist of Asylums, Prisons, Hospitals and Manor Houses to name but a few. Due to the history that comes with some of these locations it would be safe to say a spirit that we encounter in an asylum would have a different story than one we encounter at a prison. With asylums used for the mentally ill, we would presume that they would be treated with the respect they deserve, where as those in a prison (i.e.: murderers, criminals, etc) we would think about being more upfront and aggressive towards.

Many groups believe that regardless of the location they are visiting, every spirit should be treated with respect regardless of what they've done during their time as a living being. Others would argue differently, suggesting that when they come across a spirit they believe to be evil or aggressive, they would challenge them by changing the way they talk. For example becoming more aggressive towards the entity, becoming more firm and more demanding in order to get a response from whatever may be with them.

So where do you stand on respect? Should all spirits be treated with respect or should certain spirits be treated differently?


This year we are working along side Alder Hey Children's Hospital to help raise funds for their charity. Our aim is to reach £2000 by the end of 2017. We are looking for small donations towards our cause, as well as setting up a #paranormalchallenge for our guests to accept for a donation. We will set a challenge for YOU! Will you be brave enough to accept the challenge for charity?

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