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#3 - The Ones We Don't Forget

Memories - The faculty in which the mind remembers information.

We all have memories. Whether they're good memories, bad memories, memories of anger, love, pain, lust, loss or overwhelming joy.

Memories are what help shape our lives, they can determine how a person will grow and how a person will be in later life.

There are certain memories, certain things that we all remember. Images and moments in our lives that we never forget. Those moments in time live on forever in our minds. It's like the Pixar movie Inside Out. In the movie it show all the memories made from the main character. How each memory is associated with a different emotion.

The character however has some significant moments they remember, in the movies case they called them "Core Memories" Regardless of when or how we go to spirit, I believe that the soul or spirit remembers all of those memories. In order to allow their loved one to know who we are connecting with then they must have to look back at all of these old memories.

How does this link with today's blog? Well it's simple. As mediums, you relive someone else's memories and thoughts every time you decide to work with spirit. Most of the time you will forget what was said, how you felt and the information that was passed from spirit to the recipient.

However, there are those few readings that you give that just never leave you, almost like your "Core Readings" so to speak. A reading that really stands out from all the others.

For the following I'm going to change the names of the individuals involved.

It had been over a year since I started out in training to become a medium. I'd been attending a local spiritualist church just a two minutes drive away from my house. I had been attending near enough every week since that first night I was thrown into giving a message and my enthusiasm for learning and sitting and watching the other mediums was at a high.

This one particular night, myself and one of the resident mediums were the only ones to turn up for our psychometry night. The room was busier than usual and there were a too many people to read for. I did feel a bit overwhelmed I'm not going to lie. The evening was going to plan, readings were flying out and everyone seemed to be satisfied.

We'd got to the last few items on the table to which the other medium wasn't able to read. One of these items was a picture of a young lad. The second I looked at the photograph all this information started flooding my head. Intense overwhelming feelings of emotions. As I stood up to ask who owned the picture a young girl raised her hand, the other medium was talking on that side of the room so I asked her to come sit with me. With that the five other women with her preceded to come with her, asking if it would be alright to listen in as he was the main reason they'd decided to attend.

With every reading you need to be sensitive and careful as to what you say. The images I had in my head had shown me that this lad, lets call him Josh, had taken his own life. At that point in my development I'd not gotten information that quickly or that accurately. The girl (Josh's girlfriend), who we'll call Amy, confirmed that he had taken his own life. What I was shown next was quite graphic as the images of how he ended his life were engraved into my brain. I'd asked Amy and the rest of the ladies who turned out to be Josh's family if I could speak openly to them about what I was seeing. I preceded to tell them, in a watered down version of what was now cemented into my brain of how Josh ended his life. I could see clearly as if I were watching with my own eyes of what he had used and how he executed it. With that the sea of emotion washed over me. The sadness and loneliness from Josh was excruciating, feeling what he felt in those moments was one of the worst things I'd felt in my life, although I felt upset about what I was having put on me by him, I was also happy with the connection I'd built with Josh and how quickly the emotions was the best connection I'd had since starting my mediumship training.

At that moment the 6 ladies to my right began crying, knowing I'd managed to get Josh through and being able to tell them that validating evidence that this young, sweet lad was with them. They weren't the only ones to shed a tear as I'd began to fill up and cry along with them. You shouldn't let emotions affect you during a reading but this one took over my self control.

I continued on with the reading. Josh preceded to tell me how alone he felt, how in his eyes how unloved he felt, not feeling cared for and not being able to open up to anyone. All of that changed once he'd passed over to spirit. The realisation of how loved and cared for he was had hit him and he wanted to step forward to apologise. He hadn't expected his passing to have such an impact on his girlfriend and his family. The weight that had lifted from his shoulders, from my shoulders when his family accepted it.

Suddenly, as I was talking, the reading quickly switched directions. We'd gone from such sadness, such upset and loneliness to laughter and happiness. Josh had shown me an image of himself pulling his pants down. To which turned the tears in the room in to howling laughter. Josh was also a joker they told me and would do anything to make anyone laugh, they also told me that him and his best friend would do this when they were out drinking in bars to each other.

The rest of the reading continued on the theme of Josh's sense of humour and his love for making people laugh and feel special, he also gave a telling of to one or two of the ladies with me that night .

The family gave me some information about Josh after the reading. He was 22 years old, he was the life and soul wherever he went and his energy would uplift even the saddest of people. I got a sense of his character when I connected with him. His warm, loving presence will be one that stays with me forever. The feeling that someone so young can be hurting so badly that the only result is to take their own life is unbearable to think about.

My message to you for today: The stigma of talking about mental health needs to end, regardless of whether you're male or female. Every person needs to know that they are loved and have a sense of meaning. It's okay to not be okay. We're human and we are not expected to live every moment in positively. Have those times where you need to cry or to be angry. Seek the support you need and the help you desire. There's always someone whose willing to listen.

Keep Smiling

The Trainee Medium x

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