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#4 - Interruptions

I've taken a few services at some Spiritualist Churches and Groups before, although I've always done them alongside another trainee medium or someone more experienced. Most of the time I've tried working a service I usually find that it takes me a little bit of time to get my messages flowing. Usually the first one or two are slow and my information is hit and miss. Whether this is due to my nerves or not I'm not sure.

Last Monday I had the chance to once again share the stage with another experienced medium. That man was John Durrant. John has worked with spirit for over 15 years, from working the spiritualist churches to private groups. During the last five years he has taken a break from working services to concentrate on other ventures. Over the last few months John has been making a comeback to the Spiritualist Groups, taking services and bringing his unique style of mediumship to a newer audience.

Monday was the first time I'd worked with John in this sort of capacity. I'd already worked with him on his radio show and some events he had organised.

The night got off to a normal start. The usual back and forth jokes and banter between us as we engaged the congregation. John opened our demonstration with a prayer before he went straight into messages. I'd never seen John delivering messages before but from what I saw it looked like he'd not missed a step. John got through his first few messages with some great evidence and tons of humour. Something I believe you need when being up there delivering messages, something in which I'm trying to work on myself.

After John had finished his first two messages the floor was opened up for me to step up and do what I was there to do. My first message was for a lady that I know of through doing some of the circles. I'd picked up on some information in which I believed it was her father. I forget what I'd said to her as it was a week ago and I've slept since then, usually once I've given a message anyway I don't remember most of what I've said.

The second message started as it was meant to go on, it began with three people being able to take the information. A gentleman who has difficulty breathing, heavy breathes and struggles to catch it most of the time, as the reading went on I was made aware from this gentleman that he'd had cancer. Eventually after a bit of searching and working out managed to get to the person the message was meant to be for.....THIS however is where it began to go down hill, just for a few moments.

I'd gotten a good bit of information out about this gentleman and I'd been pretty accurate with what I was given and what I'd delivered. About half way into the reading there was screaming coming from the kitchen, Unbeknown to me, one of the women from the area came into the building to make a cup of tea, (The building we were at is a community centre for the local people....I think) All I heard from the kitchen was...and fill in the french for yourself "I F*****g live here". Instantly my attention and the attention of the congregation was drawn to the kitchen. From that moment there really wasn't any point in continuing my message while all of the commotion was going on within the kitchen.

A few moments passed before the chairing medium for the night came back into the room and apologised for all the commotion. What happened there may not sound like much of a disturbance in normal everyday situations but for me on that night it was a different matter. To be fair it worked in my advantage as I was able to turn what had happened into a funny and positive situation. The audience quickly settled and my connection with the gentleman I was in co tact with continued to flow as if nothing had happened. The energy in the room hadn't changed and if anything the congregation were more lively.

Once I'd finished up my reading, leaving the person with some solid evidence of who I'd been channeling, the chair medium for the evening apologised for the small interuption and decided that he wanted to build the energy up again (not that it had changed).

He began by going to a young girl. He fed the information he was given but the girl couldn't take any of it. Various others could take some of the info but alas he was determined he was in the right place. This went on for the next twenty minutes. For me this was ego stepping in nd this is a theme that's come up in my previous posts.

Finally John was allowed to continue with his next few readings before I managed to fit in three mini readings before being swiftly called to time.

Even with all the interruptions and small bouts of ego flying about I would have to say that it was my most enjoyable service I've ever done. My messages were on point and I felt my most confident ever while taking a service. It was such a confidence boost and also gave me some new experiences.

All in all the interruption was the best thing to happen on that night.

My lesson for that day: Discepline is a must, if you can handle that during a reading then you'll be fine.

For those wanting to see John in August then he will be at the following events.

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