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#5 - Stepping Back, Shutting Off

So you may have noticed I've been fairly quiet recently. I've had this blog post written for month and is ironic that what I've said in this edition is exactly what I've needed to do myself. Rather than a day or a few weeks I've felt the need to take a few months off. At least from the blog anyway and reduce the circles and demonstrations I attend. I hope this gives you an insight of what those who work with spirit need to do from time to time.


There are times when the best thing you need is to shut off and take a step back. Having those times where you're needing to recharge. Whether it be from mediumship, people, your job or even yourself...that last one sounds a little odd but let me explain.

I've found that in this crazy world that we live in right now, we never really take time to stop. We all say we do but think about it. Do you really take time out to just stop and by stop I don't mean sit on the couch on your phone for hours playing games or watching videos or seeing that Sandra down the road has once again turfed out that husband of hers for making stupid decisions and then decided to put it all over her Facebook for the world to see. I mean have you switched off where you've taken yourself out of the day to day grind of this world, taken time out to look after yourself and do something that you want to do because I can almost guarantee that you haven't.

I don't blame you, I've done it myself where I'll say that I need a day to do nothing or to do something worthwhile to me and be able to relax and recharge to then find that allocated day has been taken up by other people and their troubles and worries and you're once again neglecting yourself that day to stop.

It's important that regardless of what is happening either in the world or in your own personal life that we take those moments to step back and recharge. Now I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life or what to do. I know a few mediums as well as life coaches in this field who believe what they say is gospel and I truly hate that.

For me, this all coincides with working as a trainee medium. I believe and it has proven me right on some occasions that the need to recharge and take a step back from situations can really affect how you perform, shall we say, when you're trying to work with spirit.

In my last blog I wrote about how I'd had a really great service alongside John. Within a week of that service I'd finished for work for 6 weeks and was looking forward to my summer holiday. Let's just say up to now I've not had much of one due to current circumstances I don't get much of a break.

With that being said I still have my own commitments. I run a Spiritualist group as well as co-host another open circle for a good friend of mine. While my demonstration with John went well, my own performance during my own circle a few weeks later just showed how tired I was within those few weeks had depleted. I was rubbish and that's being nice. My messages although I could get slight bits of information weren't consistent. It's like I'd completely switched off or spirit decided right then and there they weren't working with me that night.

I've found that working with spirit you need to make sure you have a switching off period. It's just the same as a work/life balance for teachers and nurses. You need to distance yourself from the work you do and not to forget that you have a life outside of it.

My break over the last few months has given me what I've needed. I've been able to focus on other aspects of my life. I've been able to find new hobbies including Rock Climbing as well as re-introduce some things that I've missed like photography and going to the theatre.

My advice for you all: Take time for yourself, recharge in what ways make you feel happy.

The Trainee Medium

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