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#6 - Signs & Symbols

To start with I want to give you a little activity. I want you to look at the picture below. I want you to close your eyes. When you open them I want you to make a note of the very first thing you see. I want you to repeat this exercise 3 times. Make a note of all the things that you saw within the image and comment on them below.

The point of this activity is for you to see the different signs and symbols within the one image. The more you practise this, the more you will be able to get out of your readings. The smallest detail within the image could be a key part to the message you need to deliver to your recipient.


Throughout our day to day lives, without even noticing, we see hundreds of different signs and symbols through our eyes. Whether it be a road sign showing you the direction you need to go, someone signalling a thumbs up for doing something right, a hand shake to greet someone with.

Generically things like road traffic signs have one specific meaning and that's to guide you on where you need to go. Other things like facial expressions, every day objects and animals.

As mediums, a lot of our work is done symbolically. We use symbols and signs to deliver our messages. We take scenarios and experiences from our lives and relate them to our readings. Each mediums interpretations of a symbol will differ depending on the medium. What may resonate with one medium may not sit right with another. For example: An Owl could represent being nocturnal, education, wise, observant.

One of the most important bits of advice I pass on to people who are starting out is to learn what your symbols and signs are. Once you begin to learn them your messages will start to flow better. Once I started becoming aware of the meanings of objects, animals and ailments I could pass on my messages with more confidence. This isn't something that will happen overnight, even though I've been working with mediumship for the last 4 years I am still getting certain things that I've never had before and having to interpret what it means to me.

I'll give you some examples to think about:

- - Smoking - (Cigarette) - Means someone is a light smoker, (Cigar) - Means someone is a heavy smoker

- - Wedding Ring - (Unbroken) still married, (One half of the ring is snapped) means there has been a split or difficult times, (Split completely) Divorce and separation.

- - Pains in the chest - Either a heart condition or a lung condition, could also be chest problems: (Breast Cancer, etc)

- - Wolf or Dog - Symbolises protection.

- - Red - Anger, Love, Courage, Temper, Hot Head

- - John - Army Connections

These are obviously my interpretations and although you may agree with some of them, it's entirely up to you what you use as your meanings. Everything can be used within your readings, from something normal like a name, object or animal to the very unusual. There may be times where you receive something in which you completely don't understand. If you're in doubt of what a sign or a symbol you're receiving may mean then always ask the recipient, if they don't give you confirmation that they understand what you mean then explore what this could mean to you. Remember: Always fall back on your own experiences.

Once you figure out what the definition of this new image is then you'll be able to relate it in your future readings.

If in doubt always ask, someone else may have an insight to what you're looking for.

For anyone starting out and beginning their spiritual journey this is a major aspect of mediumship that I would work on. Attending regular open circles and demonstrations where you can get the chance to participate will give you the experience of working on this aspect.

My advice for you all: Look into the deeper meanings of every object, animal, colour and name.

The Trainee Medium

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