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#7 - Manifestations - Why do they appear?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I know there are quite a lot of people who I know personally either through work, my spiritualist group, through family and friend that are right now, at this moment battling each and every day to keep us safe and well. I unfortunately can't be on the front line like everyone else due to health conditions which puts me at risk. I just want to say on behalf of myself and everyone who reads this, Thank You for doing your duty and selflessly protecting us. Your sacrifices and struggles shouldn't go unnoticed. Be strong, be brave. Until we meet again.....


It has always interested me in why spirit make themselves known to us. What's their reasoning for making a return to the physical world but also why do they make themselves known to us.

Although not proven, we assume that one of the main reasons spirits come back to their loved ones is to support them in times of great need, why shouldn't they. Whilst we on the earth at this moments worry about our loved ones (and especially in these troubling times that we are facing right now) then why shouldn't those who've made their transition over to the spirit world still worry about those they have left behind.

These questions have been at the forefront of my mind for the last few years as my ability to see spirits physically has been gradually increasing. At the beginning it started with just knowing there was a presence around. Having those initial feelings, hairs standing on edge, a heavy presence around me like someones just entered my own personal space, that change you feel in the energy around you.

Gradually over time, from knowing there was a presence there increased to being able to see flashes of light. Now when i say a flash of light I mean a flash of light, just a quick bright spark at the corner of my eye or right in front of me. Just for a split second. These flashes of light would usually present themselves around a (*living) person who was near me. For me, for them to do this was to clearly show that someone was drawing close to that person. Over time, which each of these encounters with my light up friends, more information began seeping in. The more I focused on the person when I'd seen a light near them, the more my ability grew. They seemed to trust me more and trust the way I processed the information but at that point I'd not actually fed the information to anyone. I'd be too worried about upsetting someone or having that person thinking I was going bonkers. Who wouldn't think you would be going out of your mind if you casually went up to someone and said "Oh, I've just been speaking to your deceased relative." To put into perspective though, this was only about 6 months after I had started attending the spiritualist church (God I miss that place). It was outdated but I didn't half learn a lot from going there.

Months would pass and by this time I had witnessed my first full body apparition during a weekend ghost hunting and mediumship retreat we'd gone to with some friends. Cheap plug for our paranormal group as well. Join us by clicking the image.

The more the flashes kept appearing to me the more information I was getting and yes, you guessed it, I never mentioned anything. That was until this one night, I'd sat with one of the trainees to help her with her angel card readings. I was useless at cards at this point and she wasn't confident with her mediumship so we decided to team up and make the ultimate(ish) trainee duo.

Anyway, the night had gone well, between us we had completed 4 readings by this time and our 5th had just sat down. Throughout the reading we both gave our sitter what she needed to hear from the cards and what communication was being sent from the spirit world. Once the reading was done we gave her a happy goodbye and sat to focus on our next victim...I mean sitter. Just as our next person took their seat, i instinctively looked over at the woman who had just been by our table. For whatever reason I was drawn to her. Before I knew it though my eyes were drawn to the ghostly looking figure standing behind her. This was the clearest I'd ever seen spirit with my own eyes. Visible and in plain sight. The body of a woman, just casually standing behind our previous sitter, resting her hand on her shoulder for support. Instantly I was able to pick up things from this lady, I could see what she looked like and what she was wearing. I was able to describe this lady down to the fingernail.

I manage to give here another 20 minutes of my time, communicating with my phantom lady. What she said and what messages she wanted me to pass on were between the spirit and the receiver.'re most probably wondering why I needed to tell you all of this. To be fair I think a bit of a backstory helps when it comes to reflecting on an event you experience. However, i think it's important to know what gets you to these moments.

Picture the scene, it's a week before the UK goes into lockdown and the country is slowly making the daily changes for work, medicine, heck every day to day life. The NHS is run off its feet and the stress of the virus has everyone working strong, albeit tired, warn out and fragile but STRONG! My mum had been admitted into hospital for a few days. During one of my visits to go and see her we get talking, the elderly lady had been rambling on in her bed on the other side of the room and my mum was talking about how she'd been doing that all day. I turn my attention to the woman, who was happy and content, just chattering away to herself.

Time went on and before I said my goodbyes I just had a glance over to the old lady, she'd gone quiet by this point so i assumed she'd fallen asleep. My gaze wandered, something to the side of her caught my eye. To my astonishment, standing right beside her, holding onto the rails of her bed stood a man. Without hesitation I knew this man to be her husband. With a smile on his face he stood over her, watching her sleep. To me this was a sweet moment of a man returning to check in on his poorly wife. On the other hand I knew that there was something more. I knew in my gut that something was going to happen to his wife that night. What other reason, I thought to myself, would he come back and visit her that night of all nights. After watching him for another few moments, I turned away and wished him well.

Mum was fine to come home a few days after and I'd been due to go in that night to see her so I didn't get the chance to see if my lady was still there. When I asked mum about her and told her what I saw, she quickly mentioned about how on that very same night our elderly friend had started taking fits during the night and had to be moved to a different ward.

For me, that visitation was no coincidence. Her husband knew that she needed support that night and was stood by her side. My question is though, why did he need to show himself to me? Was it to let someone know that he was there for her? Do all spirits show themselves to you when in times of need? Why was it ME that he shown himself too?

Those answers I can't answer. I'm just thankful that this lovely gentleman allowed me to see him showing his support for his wife even beyond the grave.

See.....I told you there was a good reason for the back story!

* Yes I'm pointing out if a person is alive, we don't want no confusion now do we.

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