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Tales from the Asylum - Park Hospital (Newsham) - Liverpool - Part 1

The following event happened between our visits from March 2015 - August 2018 to a variety of our team members.


For the last 5 years we as a team have been investigating some of the most terrifying, haunted locations that the country has to offer. Some have lived up to the hype, where as some have fallen short of our expectations. Now I know what you're thinking, each investigation is different and each building delivers something different every single night. Like you, the person reading this, we are humans too and like you when something doesn't go the way we think it will, well, we get a bit disappointed about it.

This week we bring you some of the stories from a building which, just from the sheer presence of its outer structure, strikes fear into the hearts of even the most cold blooded individual. From the Gothic exterior of Liverpool's first institution for the care and education of the orphans of British seaman to its transition into a hospital in the 1950's and its full transition into a mental asylum some years later. The Park Hospital has had an incredible history, surely they're are a few ghosts hanging around the place......Aren't there?


The Stranger in the Ward

Back in 2015, during one of their first investigations of the hospital, our two co-owners found themselves within one of the wards. Still with its rusty, old metallic bed frames and mattresses that have seen the better days. The ward already seemed like a creepy place from the look of it but the room of days gone by was only just revealing how disturbing it could be.

The group had just settled down in the ward. Each person taking up one of the lonely cubicles to themselves. Our cubicle was smack bang at the end of the ward, looking onto the door that led onto the day room and the adjacent cubicle. Our little secluded area had an extra commodity, a solid wooden topped table with a metal frame. Torches Off…..Investigation Begins.

Our group leader at the time started calling out. With no idea what to expect, we sat there, anticipating just what activity we would get. Little did we know that from the minute those first words were spoken, ‘Is there anybody here’, we would get such instant responses.

The sound of what I can only describe as a screw scrapping on a piece of wood caught my attention, only to realise it came from the table which sat a good few feet away from me. The torches instantly lit up, more for the shock factor that something had made itself know so close to us and so quickly.

Time to reset, we kept asking to see what further responses we could get. A few minutes went by, was the table all it could do or was that just the beginning.

The door which would lead into the day room was one of those thick hospital doors. A good solid piece of wood. Normally, these would open with ease. The thing about this door though, the hinge above was bent, so this once easy to open door now needed a lot of force to even just move it slightly.

So as you can imagine, after sitting there, post table scratch, already a little bit shook up. This solid door opens with ease, as if this huge Hulk like spirit had opened it with the slightest of touches. The door opened and the curtain in the cubicle opposite moved simultaneously lifted into the air and came gracefully back into its original position. As you can guess by now the two of us were gobsmacked. Having this much activity on our first ever investigation really got us hooked. After the few seconds of disbelief of what had just happened our conscious brains began to kick in and we tried to come up with many ways for this to be done, for it to be faked. Alas, after checking within the other room of any wrongdoings or malpractice we could only come up with the answer that spirit were truly alive and kicking in the ward.

To reassure ourselves, we asked if we could try and get the spirit to replicate what had happened, this time though the group would be split. Four of us entered the day room, determined to find out just what had moved the door.

The question was shouted out again, 'If you're there, can you open the door again'

Suddenly, the door to the left, the one leading to the washrooms and toilets opened. It was like whoever was in there had opened the door, come into the day room before walking towards the door we were focusing on. Again, with one light touch the door opened again. It was as if the spirit was playing out their day to day role of walking through that door.

As you can guess the sheer shock, panic and excitement took over.

Funnily enough, we returned to the exact same ward just over a year later where we found ourselves alone, just the two of us, walking down that same day room. Knowing what had happened last time we were cautious. We got to the exact same spot as we were the year before and without warning, the same bathroom door opened. The two of us bolted back down the hall, that flight response kicked in again before we realised, we're investigators, we don't run away. We spent a few minutes trying to rationalise the doors movements.Checking the floor, the door itself and all the surrounding area. To this day we don't have a clue what or even who opened those doors.


The Hissing Boy in the School House

Back on the same night as the ward fiasco, our two owners stumbled upon the secluded and derelict school house, just opposite to the main hospital building. Our nerves and excitement were all over the place, the sheer mass of activity we had gotten up to now was incredible.

The lads were busy concentrating on a presence which had been causing a nuisance. This heavy, oppressive entity had clearly not wanted anyone in there and at this point the feeling was mutual.

We all gathered together in a circle. We thought that hopefully if we could try and coax the spirit out from it's room then it would be willing to talk to us. Now I'm not going to lie, i'd have rather it stayed inside it's little room where we knew where it was. So, the group called out, each of us taking turns to give our little bit of communication.

As it went quiet for a few moments, the sound of a demonic hissing noise could be heard between myself and Ian. The two of us shot a look at each other, wondering if we'd both heard the same sound. As Ian slowly turned his head behind us to look, he described a small boy, ripped clothes, scrawny and malnourished standing behind me. With our acknowledgement met the boy disappeared. Leaving no trace of his presence.


The Scrying Mirror

Scrying has been a form of communicating with spirit for many years. Allowing the spirit to show it's facial features on a persons face. This little tale took place back in the Summer of 2017. On the second of our Summer Lockdown in Newsham.

Our team had split into three groups, like we do on most events. With one group covering the basement and locker rooms and the other covering that creepy ward from our stories before. This left our last group, an by Bernard and Maz to take our budding paranormal investigators to the top floor and the so called 'Naughty Boys Corridor'.

The night was going on as normal, calling out and experiments as usual, Some calling out, table tipping and some K2 work. Our group decided to split as some wanted to cover the corridor itself while a few wanted to continue in the ward area right next door. While the groups split, Maz lead a few of our ladies to the mirror. Some of the guests that night had been on investigations before and wanted to try some mirror scrying as they'd previously had some really good results.

The ladies set themselves up, with one of our guests jumping at the chance to be the nominated person. As they settled into their experiment, the rest of the group ventured into the corridor. Spending our time trying to communicate with some of the children that had been reported to haunt the top floor.

After spending time calling spirits in to manifest themselves on the faces of our most willing of volunteers, things began to take an unexpected turn. Maz's last guest to try and call the spirits to her got a little bit more than she bargained for. It all started just like the rest, the face slowly began to change. Questions were being asked and responses we being given. That was until our spiritual friend decided to become a little bit more mischievous shall we say.

Our entity started to place some feelings onto our lovely lady. Making her feeling very uneasy and and very ill. Maz - whose ability within the paranormal field and spiritual field has grown so much since shes been apart of our team - decided enough was enough. Attempt after attempt was made for the spirit to step back and leave our guest. Every attempt met failure. It was determined not to move and not to listen. The only other thing was to double the strength. Our spiritual friend was just a little bit to strong to be sent away on its own.

With help on the way, our spiritual being was still manipulating our guest. Her facial expressions changed. From her feminine features to the miserable face of a grumpy, serious old man only to chance into a chiselled, rough skull. At that moment the cavalry had arrived. Spending a few minutes gathering our energies, we worked together to finally send the haunting spirit on its way.

The male spirit was determined to intimidate the women during the scrying session. Feeling it would be able to overpower them. Alas, It was our team in the end who sent it back into the lonely, dark corners of the ward. Leaving it to watch as we continued to communicate with more willing spiritual beings.


We've said in the past that Newsham has been a venue which has been hit and miss for us as a team. This stunning location has brought us some fantastic experiences but it has also brought us some of our more quieter nights. Each location will not deliver the same things on different nights. Like we keep saying, every night and every group brings you different energies and different interactions with spirit. As a team, our collective experiences have brought us some amazing evidence.

The more we work together during our own team investigations, the more we trust each other and trust is the single most important thing you need when investigating. This has allowed us to be fully open to the events that happen within a location and has brought us clarity that when something happens during our investigations then we know we are dealing with something paranormal.

The Park Hospital in Newsham Park in Liverpool is definitely one venue that you need to have on your paranormal bucket list....BUT do you dare investigate on your own?

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