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#1 - Where to start...

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

So, you might be wondering why I'm making this blog.

What the reasons for it? Why would I read something created by someone who hasn't got years of experience? Who is he....or she?

Well, to be truthful, I've had the urge for a year or so to create something where I can share my experiences of this so called path to becoming a medium.

Before I tell you about some of my experiences I guess I best tell you a bit about me first (if you're going to read this blog then we might as well get to know each other)

My start in discovering all about Mediumship, Spirits, Development and all the rest of it was quite different. Before it all I'd never talked, felt, sensed or even seen a spirit. I'd known about psychics and card readers but had never been to one.

My closest thing to sensing spirit was that quick sprint from the fridge to the couch in the dead of night, no lights on anywhere and all is dark. Where you grab your food and try to get back as quick as possible before the imaginary demon comes to get you (we've all done it....admit it). The only thing I knew about spirits or ghosts was from reading the Haunted Liverpool books as a child. The stories and recounts of ghostly tales from yesteryear intrigued me about what and who was out there living alongside us.

Fast forward to 2015 and I find myself, along with a friend, talking about ghosts after seeing an advert for a ghost hunt before taking the plunge and booking to go to The Park Hospital in Newsham Park in Liverpool. Throughout the night within certain rooms of the building

Fast forward a year and a half and I'm on a ghost hunt where I meet a medium who I now call a friend. After a night investigating and some brilliant activity the medium extends an invitation to come and check out the Spiritualist Church he goes to.

I'd hardly been into a Catholic Church since leaving school so stepping into a spiritualist church was a whole new level of weird. It wasn't as weird as I thought and I kind of felt at home there from the minute I walked through the door. It felt natural to be there.

It was fascinating to watch the mediums work, seeing how they connected with the spirit who they were communicating with. I was impressed with how each of them were doing the same thing yet they all had their own little style of delivering there messages. I kept going for for a few more weeks after that. Watching the mediums perform, showcasing their talent. One night though the tables turned a little. My friend who'd invited me a few weeks earlier came over to me.

Photograph in hand and a mischievous look on his face (it was a psychometry night where you bring sentimental items or photographs to receive a reading from). He handed me the photograph and pointed me in the direction of it's owner. I looked at the photograph and gave what information I could. Most wasn't relevant but a few things fitted with the person in the picture. I bombed that night, I wasn't sure what I was doing and didn't have a clue how to connect to spirit properly. From that night I kept attending the open circles, eager to learn and get better.

Over last 3 years I've had the chance to witness some amazing mediums work and be taught be some very knowledgeable and insightful human beings. All who have helped contribute to my development. My path towards developing my mediumship is far from over and I want to share that journey, share the lessons I learn, the ups and downs, the wonderful connections and messages from spirit with you all.

To answer my own question at the start, this blog is for me, for you and for all those who may be on the same path. I want us to share this journey together. To know that there are others experiencing the same things you are.

My motto since I've started all of this has always been: Allow Me To Learn, Help Me Grow, Let Me Teach.

The Trainee Medium

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